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Entering the sector with the production of authentic accessories in 1972, Çilek Gold established its own marketing network by forming sales teams in the Marmara Regions, in particular İstanbul, in 1994 with its production and sales experience of 20 years. Çilek Gold continued to present its products to end-user by opening retail shops in various districts of İstanbul in the following period and opened its first wholesale shop in the Kılıççılar Street in 2009 by combining its success in production and marketing with experience. 
It became the leading firm in the sector with its accomplishments in production and sales of authentic accessories within a short period of time. The company opened the second wholesale shop in the Kılıççılar Street under the brand of Çilek Konsept by forming new production and marketing teams to realize the plan to provide services in the imported and fantasy accessory groups in 2013. 
The Çilek Gold and Çilek Konsept brands merging under a single roof in 2015 to provide more cushioned and qualified services to customers started to provide services in the new showroom in Nuruosmaniye. Continuing to enlarge its service network in the following years, Çilek Gold provided services in many parts of Turkey by establishing regional offices in Ankara, Konya, İzmir, Denizli, Ordu and Bursa.
Furthermore, Çilek Gold continues its sales and marketing operations by carrying its products to Balkan states and many European nations, in particular Germany. It went retail in specific locations under the name ÇİLEK KONSEPT in the retail sector in 2019. 
It started the sales and marketing of gold jewelries with diamonds as retail and wholesale under the brand of ÇİLEK PIRLANTA as of 2020 as in the gold jewelry sector. 
Its extensive experience in the jewelry sector, innovative steps taken and the importance given on keeping the quality standards for the products have turned Çilek Konsept into the favored brand in the sector. As Çilek Gold, we put up our products for sale at 1343 different places in a total of 66 cities in 7 regions of Turkey as well as in foreign sales offices. 




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